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Why Should You Use a VPN For Online Gaming?

Posted by on Sep 27, 2018

Why Should You Use a VPN For Online Gaming?

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This is a catchy title because there are quite a few gamers out there that are using VPNs to play online games. Usually, the VPN is installed on their router, but also some consoles will allow you to install a VPN, and obviously those playing from their smartphone, tablets, laptops, and PCs can easily get hold of decent VPN software because nearly all developers make sure their software is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

However, the big question here is why should you use a VPN? Most people’s perception of the software is that it slows down the online gaming experience.

In some cases a VPN it is true that a VPN will slow down the connection. This is mainly because people are not using a high spec subscription. Most lower subscriptions, as well as free ones, limit the bandwidth that you can use in a single connection. This is especially problematic when you have the VPN installed on the router on which the rest of the household is using the same connection – check out more to find what is VPN for more information.

On the other hand, if you opt-in for a powerful VPN is can negate speed issues as well as thrashing issues caused by the demand some online games have on your device. This leads to the very first reason an increasing number of gamers are opting to play online using a VPN.

Now I hear some of you already. What is this guy talking about? That said, those that feel this way, well I hate to say it, but the truth is that the VPNs you have used just don’t cut it. You need to research more and find the gaming VPNs that truly work. Being a cheapskate is not going to help one bit because cheap VPNs will do the opposite to speeding up your gaming experience.

A good VPN with a decent bandwidth of around 10 Mbs is perfect for any game. With the combination of the VPN server taking the resource demands off your device, plus the uninterrupted connection via an encrypted tunnel can, in fact, speed up your gaming experience. Add a decent graphics card to your device and you will be well away.

Another point that is worth making here is that if you install the VPN directly on your device and not the router, then when someone else using your router suddenly starts up an app or launches a movie, there will be no lag as the router’s resources kick up a gear to launch their session. Your VPN tunnel will remain totally unaffected.

This is especially great if you are an internet shop gamer. A lot of the time the connections are so bad that you suffer a lot of lag. If you are ok with paying for a VPN, then you will be able to negate this effect. However, I do understand that the reason some gamers play in internet shops is that it is a cheap option and VPNs are out of budget for some.

That said, if you can club together with the friends and get a VPN that allows multiple users on the same username and log in, then do it. You can even email any VPN software sales team and ask them for a discount – usually, the sales teams can be quite accommodating. For about the VPN meaning you should have a look at this site.

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Online Gaming Review Today

Posted by on Sep 12, 2018

Video gaming has become one of the fastest and most continuously moving multi-billion dollar businesses on the globe.
Gaming technology has changed very quickly and continues to do so. We can practically bring our favorite games anywhere. With the latest gadgets and gaming consoles available in the market nowadays, you can virtually play at the beach, inside a hotel, while on a bus or even while staring at the stars. As long as there is internet connectivity, playing your favorite video and online games is possible.

Over the past three decades, video gaming has developed into single-game units, mostly portable where multiplayer online role-playing games have been a favorite. Some of these online games are even being adapted into movies creating a tremendous amount of followers and breaking box office records.

According to recent predictions, the gaming industry, which is worth over $130 billion today, will continue to grow and develop creeping into different markets. We have already seen games for girls, young women, parents and even the elderly become very popular.

With the improvements in internet speeds and access, anything is possible.

Gaming Consoles
Nintendo, Microsoft, Sega, and Sony gaming consoles are continuously being developed and released in the market at present. These gaming platforms have already captivated a lot of kids, teens, and even adults.
Over the past few years, more and more enhancement and graphics improvements are being applied and injected into these portable gaming consoles to boost one’s gaming experience. Several accessories were also developed to match with these consoles that bring the gaming experience to a higher level.

Personal Computers
Computer games are still one of the favorite platforms for online gaming. Atari and Commodore made it big during the early years of online gaming. Today, Microsoft remains to be one of the top names when it comes to PC gaming.
Gradually, as computer hardware improves and develops, games available on PC’s have become much better in terms of graphics and playability.

Mobile Phones and Tablets
Mobile gaming is also one of the biggest players when it comes to the gaming culture. Single player games were the earlier versions of every game available for this kind of platform. However as mobile phones became more advanced and the internet improved these games became bigger, better and faster.

Gaming via a mobile device literally leveled up. As the Smartphone blooms even further, mobile applications are being developed at the same rate. Now many people can connect and play multiple player games even on their mobile device.

Network Games
Network games have also become a favorite among players. You can practically play against or team up with anyone around the globe. This is possible on all platforms available – PC, mobile phones, tablets, and handheld gaming consoles.

A lot of exciting developments like 3D and Virtual Reality are expected to be developed further in the gaming world. HTC Vive, the Samsung VR, and the Oculus Rift are just some of the latest offerings.
More fun, excitement and literally out of this world experiences are about to unravel in the coming future.

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Recommend Games to Play Online

Posted by on Jul 30, 2018

Need a quick game to play? We know how much your gaming addiction needs to be sated, so we have compiled a list of the best online games that you can play for free! We have grouped together a bunch of games that you can play without any hidden costs, and we have also gotten games from a bunch of different genres. Read through the list, and you will be able to find a game that you can play right now on your web browser.

Doom I 

The first Doom Game is now available to play on the internet. You can play one of the best survival action games for free, right now on your web browser. The first Doom game may be old school and retro, but it still delivers a lot of familiar thrills that are sure to get your blood pumping as you blast your way through a horde of the hell dimension’s demons.

Rhythm Doctor
Rhythm Doctor is a fun free to play rhythm game where you try and match a beat to progress through the levels. This rhythm game is incredibly fast-paced as you only have a fraction of a second to press the key or else you will miss the beat. If you want a rhythm game that is all about skill, then play Rhythm Doctor on your web browser right now.

Play a cartoonish first-person online multiplayer game, by trying out RatzInstagib. This online first-person shooter brings all of the familiar elements of shooting games but delivers them in a low-cost package; most players can play this insanely fast-paced first-person shooter right on the browser.

Red Rogue
A side-scrolling online 2D platforming video game, Red Rogue, rings all of the familiar and unusual elements that make platform games incredibly fun. You play as a Rogue that tries to navigate around various 2D pixel-style levels. This game presents a good challenge, and you can expect a lot of play time out of this free online 2D game.

Fishy Waters

This relaxing fishing simulator brings the fun and slow-paced gameplay of the fishery games straight to your web browser. There are no fancy graphics here, but you will still be spending hours of your time trying to catch all of the quirky fish that you can. The fun of Fishy Waters comes from the fact that the gameplay has a great sense of humor, from the fish’s names to the art style of this free browser video game.

Pandemic 2
This simulator is a bit more dark-themed than other types of simulation games. In this browser-based video game, you take control over a virus that is poised to infect and destroy the world. Try and bring on Armageddon as you infect and kill people from different countries. Pandemic 2 can be quite challenging as it can be difficult to spread to enough people, but the fun of this game is overcoming that challenge.

Desktop Tower Defence
Need a good way to pass the time? Nothing beats playing Desktop Tower Defence if you need a good time-killer. This tower defense game puts you in charge of building towers to defend your desktop from attacks. The simple graphics and entertaining gameplay make this an instant classic in free online gaming.

Night Rider Turbo
This driving game puts you behind the wheel of a car that is gradually falling apart. You will have to drive your car to the finish line before it entirely breaks down. The shallow gameplay of this free browser game is worth trying out.

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