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What is the Best MOBA Game?

Posted by on Jan 22, 2017


In the gaming world, new champions arise every season in terms of the best selling or highest-ranked games, most popular genres, best players and coolest heroes, features, game modes and gaming platforms. 2016 has been the year for MOBA games, with the genre surpassing RTS, the genre from which it was created in popularity and number of monthly users actively engaging in MOBA games. The multiplayer gameplay in the MOBA genre usually pits teams of 3v3 players or 5v5 in a supremacy battle with each team fighting to destroy the other’s base and the nexus/ core/ Ancient which is basically a heavily protected ‘treasure’ located deep in the opponents’ base.

The games are set on maps with lanes which usually serve as paths for the teams’ minions to run and spawn and create the setting for the various game modes. But if MOBA games typically offer the same gameplay, how do players especially beginners know what is the best MOBA game in the market and what makes it so.

One of the most helpful tools in answering this question is reviews and all MOBA roads in 2016 seem to be leading to League of Legends as the best MOBA game out there right now and with a new season on the horizon, Riot Games, the game developers have secured a spot at the top of the league. League of Legends was released in 2009 and by 2012 it had become the most played game in two major continents: Europe and North America and four years later have a record twenty seven million daily users globally. The game boasts of three game modes after the phasing out of a fourth, The Crystal Scar, various game types, matchmaking options for PvP gameplay, 133 champions, 18 champion levels, 30 player account levels, rewards, bonuses and the option to reset your rank with each new season whereby players play 10 placement matches during the start of the season after which players can get new rankings based on where Riot’s magic sorting hat places you. The ranks are important as players get rewards at the end of the season based on their ranks such as Victorious Champion skins for players with a gold ranking. Check out MOBA for more info.

League of Legends also has one of the most competitive gaming communities which culminate each season with an annual world championship tournament. This year’s championship tournament had 16 teams from around the world competing to win the prize pool that totaled to $5,070,000 this year, playing in front of a global audience of 36 million people. This was an exciting event and saw a good number of talented players from different areas.

The winning team got $2,028,000. The game has become not only a gaming giant but a force to be reckoned with economically, wining both on the gaming market and the financial market as well. So what is the best MOBA game? In terms of gameplay, features, gaming community, prize pool money, championship tournament, revenue, market share percentage, range of champions, game types, graphics and rewards, League of Legends constantly tops the lists and it is no wonder, gamers have made it an easy favorite.

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