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ZeroCoin Online Casino CryptoCurrency

Posted by on Mar 28, 2018

There is a brand new cryptocurrency just launched especially for the purpose of online gambling that will come with a 0% House Edge. The Zero Edge company has come up with the brand-new coin named Zerocoin that is in a position to set the online casino industry on fire.

The idea of the Zerocoin digital currency is to focus on both online gamblers as well as investors simultaneously. The Zerocoin is predicted not to just rise in value, but also offer online casino players a chance to win big at the Zero Edgea casinos while at the same time allow variation to catch up with probability. With huge upswings players can see their Zerocoin investment rise in tokens; while, at the same time, the value of Zerocoins will also increase.

Check out for a first-hand glimpse of what this online casino currently has to offer. Now if you are on the fence when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, and you are an avid online gambler, then the Zerocoin is well worth considering as small and modest investment.

On the site, you will be able to sign up and register for now. At the moment, you cannot deposit, but you will be able to soon. The main idea of being able to sign up at this time is to give those interested in and those that have heard of the new Zero Edge ZeroCoin concept a chance to get acquainted with the new brand.

If you have registered, then you can take a look at the “Deposit” section. Here you can compare the current value 1,000 ZERO versus BTC. At the time of this writing, it was 1,000 ZERO – 0.533 BTC. BTC is worth $9260. That puts the current per token value of a ZeroCoin currently at $9.26. This is a very small investment to make if you were considering buying only a handful of coins in a digital currency that looks to be set for an extremely positive future.

For those that are concerned about the safety of gambling at this casino, then you can be rest assured that Zero Edge have already began the process of making sure the website is totally reliable and trustworthy.

Zero Edge casinos are already certified by Ask Gamblers and have been secured by Cobalt. Compliance testing is carried out by TSTS and the casino has picked up its first license from Curacao gambling licensers. As the casino picks up pace in the future, we can expect to see additional licencing from casino boards including the UK Gambling Commission for the UK as well as the possibility of licencing in the USA.

For the most part, aside from countries that require country specific licenses to operate, the Zero Edge casino are available in worldwide. Most Asian countries as well as South American countries plus a handful of countries in Europe will all be able to play at the casino using ZeroCoins as soon as it is officially launched.

If you are looking to invest in ZeroCoin, then check out

Here you will be able to choose to invest and use Ethereum to buy ZeroCoin digital tokens. This is because ZeroCoin has been tied to the Ethereum blockchain. To get your Ethereum, you will need to sign up to a wallet that will allow you convert fiat currency into Ethereum in your country.

Is the casino safe to play at?

As the casino is not open fully as of yet, the questions that we are waiting to be answered is how secure the new online casino will be and how well will the concept of ZeroCoin work in the blockchain?

The casino will use Random Number Generators in order to guarantee that all gaming results are fair. One of the main points here is that Zero Edge are not out to make a profit directly from the gambling side of their business model.

Of course, there are ways that it will make a profit despite its 0% house edge – this would be in games such as Blackjack. The house edge may be zero, but if the players playing Blackjack do not know Blackjack’s optimal strategy works, then the house gains an edge. There maybe some other changes to the dealer rules; such as, the dealer must hit on 17 rather than stand or even stand on 18 etc…

How games such as Roulette will allow for 0% house edge is unknown. It may be that better odds are offered on the inside bets placed. The most likely scenario is that players will be given 37-1 pay-outs. That is because in Roulette there are 36 numbers plus there is a 0. The only sure-fire way to endure the house has 0% edge is give pay-out odds of 37 to 1 instead of the traditional 35-1 pay out.

For games such as Baccarat, the only way to even out the odds here would be change the value of the pay-out for a tie, and slightly adjust the player and banker odds.

About Zero Edge’s Zero Coin Investment Strategy

The CEO of Zero Edge has been with William Hill and CentreBet in the past, so he knows the gambling industry very well. He has also set up a marketing team that is also brilliantly acquainted with the ins and outs of the online gambling industry. On top of this, he has brought in a team of blockchain experts in order to get the coin into the limelight as a digital currency.

Fiat cash will be exchanged for Zero Edge tokens, which are the ZeroCoins themselves. The Fiat currency will be used to build the casino, and this effectively creates yet another decentralised currency online as the value of the casino is tied to the market capitalisation of the ZeroCoin’s over all value.

With this being the online casino industry, you can bet your bottom dollar that 0% edge and a trustworthy casino will mean the company theoretically will be worth millions.

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