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Black Friday Digital Sales – Looking for a Bargain?

Posted by on Dec 4, 2017

If you are looking for a good deal on a game that you have been waiting to buy for a while, then Black Friday is the best day of the year for all you online gamers.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanks Giving in the USA. It is almost like boxing day after Christmas where there are hundreds of sales. The much-celebrated Thanks Giving is always on the 4th Thursday of the month of November and is well-known for the beginning of the Christmas Shopping spree in preparation for the festive period.

Many shops both online and offline open earlier and close later. They also put on discount sales because year after year this has been know as the busiest shopping day in the US. Other countries also celebrate or observe Thanks Giving, such as, Canada. The UK has a small following and also countries like south Africa will partake in Thanks Giving.

What Happens Online on Black Friday?

For anyone that conducts business online, Black Friday is a mega discount day for them. Nearly all their competitors will be placing bargains on their products and services, and so to stay in with the mega amount of sales on Black Friday, the attitude seems to be “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

Buy Your Games at a Bargain Price

As an online gamer, it means that you should be able to browse online gaming stores and find new releases and other games you were thinking about getting at a bargain price.

Celebrated in multiple countries

Even in countries that do not celebrate thanks giving, online stores generally acknowledge Black Friday. If they don’t this is no big deal for online gamers because so many of the online gaming sites where you can purchase games from are from the USA anyway.

Check out your gaming website to see if you can find your favourite game at a knock down price!

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Unreal Tournament Online Game

Posted by on Nov 7, 2017

Unreal tournament is a classic multiplayer first person online line shooter. When I say classic, I mean the quintessential FPS.
It’s the ninth installment in the Unreal series and is set in futuristic Sci Fi battle running man environment.
The level consists of various weapon pickups, power ups and game modes. The games engine has been used and replicated in a host of other games and there is reason for that…. It’s fun, addictive and will keep you glued to the screen as you try seeking revenge on that asshole on the other side of the world who just flanked you and stole your weapon.
Unreal tournament is hectic. Once you spawn into the level. It’s game on. Keep moving and shooting because if you don’t you’re a sitting a duck. The game runs smooth and has a wide array of weapons to keep you coming back for more punishment.
Now you play unreal tournament online for free, so you battle your friends and foes from all part of the globe in team death match or play everyman for himself in the classic death match.

The games graphics are simplistic and smooth. The textures and lighting are visibly appealing and maintain the simplistic style of unreal that you’ve come to know and love. It’s a bi blocky in comparison to modern standards. But that’s Unreal tournament and they must be doing something right because the fan base hasn’t stopped playing since its inception.

The sound, playability and levels are the real draw card. The games sound is great and really draw you into the futuristic environment and the in-game commentator lets you know when you are on a killstreak.
The fast-paced nature of the game will have your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. The weapons are varied and functional each has their own special effects in the form of the secondary function like the minigun that drop mines in secondary. A handy tool for bating your energy in and blowing them up. The classic rocket in launcher is there for decimating you enemies and spraying their blood over the walls.
Don’t forget to collect the power ups such as armor and mods like the grapple hook to get you out of those sticky situations. The levels are well designed, and users can upload their own level onto the online platform. The game also records all gaming data and has a ranking system based on kills and deaths. The better the ratio

Game Modes
There’s classic death match where every mans for himself. Or why not team up with buddies and take on some foes from across the world in team death match. Another fun little option is capture where the idea is to take over and defend command post until you gain control over the whole level and defeat your enemy.
Another game mode is last man standing and it’s basically just that. Be the last one alive and you win the game.
This classic game is back and its online will have you hooked in no time. I racked up 35hrs in my first week and I have a day job.

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Are PC Games Better Than Console Games?

Posted by on Oct 6, 2017

What a question! There are thousands of articles out there debating this point and rightly so. Now, if you are a console player, then you may or may not agree with what I sat in this blog. That is simply because I am bias as hell due to be purely a PC player.

Saying that, please don’t let the fact I am PC boas put you avid followers of console off reading this article. I’ll tell you why – because console players should have fun ripping my viewpoints apart.
I have 3 categories of gamer friends:
Those that own an Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation
Those that own a PC
Those that have both

I should add a few further sub categories. I have a few friends that have all the above. One of those friends has all the consoles and a gaming PC because he works in the financial industry. Naturally his flash ass has bundles of cash and simply buys everythi8ng he can get his hands on because he can – “Oh the envy!’ lol…

There are friends of mine that are still living with mom and dad. They have brothers and sisters that all own one or other. The sister likes the Nintendo, the brothers like Xbox and PlayStation, so they agreed to buy a different console and swap consoles when they feel like it.

Then they have the family PCs and work laptops – to which one of the brothers is self-employed, and so for tax reasons he invested in a super fang dangle Alienware laptop.

What is Alienware?

For those that don’t know what an Alienware gaming laptop is, then check out this link for more info. You will surely be impressed.

Me personally, I have an Alienware PC, which is truly out of this world – but let’s not boast.
And Now Let the Debate Begin!

As I have so many friends with all the consoles and games you can imagine, I’ve regularly tested them all out. I do like to smoke a little herb, so sadly rather than barring it up on the weekends as any mid-twenties male should be, I tend to enjoy the relaxation of a smoke and game play with friends or on my own.

Let me tell you that there is not a console I have not played on. The end result, I still love my PC and believe PCs are better than consoles. I’ll tell you exactly why in the next section.

Now my friends don’t have a blog, so they can’t really argue back at me, unless of course my blatant reluctance to endorse consoles sparks some anger or competitive spirit that just maybe they do decide to start their own blog. Let’s see – and I’ll be sure to let you know if they do.
PC Gaming is Far Superior to Console Gaming (Don’t shoot me!)

Consoles are simply a gimmick to pilfer cash from people on a regular basis for several reasons. These reasons pertain to the reasons for me avoiding them.
They upgrade the console every 1 or 2 years so you must buy the new one

These constant upgrades may be due to new technology, smaller more effective computer chips, but it is also taking advantage of consumerism much more than PCs do.

When a console is upgraded you need to buy the same game again to be compatible.

I mean how ludicrous is that. You have to buy the same game twice. That really takes the biscuit. Not only did you just fork out a small fortune on a new game, you have basically committed yourself to buying more expensive games that you already have on your old console.

Arguably a lot of the games are still compatible with the older system on occasion as long as the way the game is inserted can fit the style of the new console.

You cannot upgrade a console like you can a PC

What I love about PCs is that no matter how old they get (within reason), you can upgrade certain parts of it. Now, you may say, isn’t this the same consumerism that I was talking about when covering the topic above on upgrading a console.

I would have to agree and disagree with that point. Of course the PC market is not short of its own tricks when it comes upgrades. Despite that little set back to my argument, I am not having to replace my entire PC system.

If initially I purchased a PC with decent motherboard, then I will probably not need to replace it for years. There again there are components that do need replacing here and there are:
The hard drive
Memory upgrades
Graphics card upgrades
These are components together can cost as much as new a console if you replace them all at the same time. However, you rarely need to, and so the cost in the long run of upgrading PC performance is far cheaper than having to go out buy a whole new console.

PC Games are Cheaper

Before console games were an annoyance because you could not download them like you could on a PC. Now you can, so that wipes that part of my argument. On the other hand, PC games don’t need upgrading just because I purchased some new hardware for better gaming performance.
In fact, many PC games need you just to install and add on or upgraded version of some games every so often which is cool.,/p>
PCs Can Simulate Game Consoles

Ok so this is not strictly ethical, but you can get PlayStation or Xbox games to run on a PC. All you need is a simulator and then you can download that game. The control functions may be a little harder on your PC games controller or keyboard but PCs even solve this problem.

Just by knowing where to look, you can buy a PlayStation or Xbox controller and use a convertor so you can attach these to your PC. The legality of it I have never been quite sure of, but it can be done.

The Low and Short of It

PCs are the much better investment. I can play all the console games I want from Xbox and PlayStation using emulators. Admittedly, there are times that the console games stop working because there is some block, but eventually there is always a work around.

Then, I have all my PC games to play on top of this! My PC lasts longer in terms of technology, it is cheaper for games, and with the graphics card I have, it kicks the ass of any console.

Like or not, I have spoken my mind. I hope you enjoyed the read, and I really hope I have stirred the honey pot between the argument between PC gaming and console gaming.

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Mobile Games Which are Safe for Young Children

Posted by on Sep 13, 2017

Let’s face it, technology is advancing at such a rate of knots that there is little we can do to stop our children from wanting to play games. Mobile games especially, are very accessible these days and with almost every home having some kind of mobile device whether a tablet or phone, our children are going to want to use them. 

Of course, the buck stops with us as parents as to how much we allow them to be ‘connected’ and it’s a difficult balancing act of bowing to their demands or and setting guidelines that they must adhere to. Additionally, we do not have to just consider how long they will play but also the types of games that they will want to play at such a young age.  We have to be sure that the games they are playing are suitable. 

Take a look at some titles we would more than recommend as safe gaming options for your young children. 

Angry Birds 

The only way anyone has not heard of Angry Birds before could only be if they’ve been living in a cave for the past five years or so. The Angry Birds franchise is now quite a big one considering the simplicity of the game. Perfectly suitable for young children, Angry Birds is a puzzle-style game that will not only provide your child with a safe, fun and free gaming experience but will also be very good for them in moderation as it’s a puzzle game that will challenge their brains. 

With a couple of Sequels already out and many more expected, Angry Birds has tons that it can offer your young children. 


Minecraft is another title that needs very little introduction as it’s popular with players of all ages. For children it can really help them to be creative as they go about building things and learning how to survive. When we label it s a game, it really is not a game as such as should be considered more a you. Similar in a way to lego, you can build whatever your imagination thinks up. 

In survival mode however, there is a kind of game element to Minecraft, as you’re meant to survive out in the wilderness, building shelter for the night in order to protect yourself from the monster that come out. Additionally, you will have to get enough food so that you do not starve. A great game that is more than suitable for young children. 

Candy Crush 

Puzzle games have always been an excellent choice for young children as not only do they not contain violence and other material that you don’t want your children to see, but they also help them mentally. Candy Crush takes quite a lot of thought sometimes and can be very challenging for developing brains. Despite the challenge, it’s a very entertaining game which is shown by just how popular that it is. Still going strong after so many years, Candy Crush, which has spawned many copy-cat titles from competitors, is without doubt one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. 

Color Switch 

Another very popular game in recent years that would be ideal for young children to play is Color Switch, another title that will have them using their brain and reflex skills. The idea is to bounce a ball through a series of obstacles in order to get to the end of each level. Similar to that of Angry Birds, timing is very important as you try to navigate through the obstacles and while it can be very frustrating, the feeling you get when you finally pass the level, is nothing short of euphoria. 

Lego Games 

There are a bunch of Lego titles that have been hitting the mobile industry over the years that are perfectly safe for younger children. After all, Lego is a toy for children to play with, so it makes complete sense to aim the mobile games at them as well. Most of these games are adventure style games that are not overly difficult but are extremely fun for children.  

Some of the titles are set in different niches of Lego such as Star Wars, so there really is the variety out there to download something that your child is really interested in. Most are free to play but a couple of their titles will require a small purchase unfortunately. 

Intellijoy Games 

For the parents out there that have really young children, Intellijoy is a developer that you should check out. They specialize in developing the brains of children in a fun and efficient manner. Children can play games such as connecting the dots, alphabetical games, puzzles and painting games. There is an extensive library of games that Intellijoy offer, each being of some educational benefit to the children that play them. 

A good tip would be to buy the entire catalogue of games rather than one by one as you will save around 60% doing it this way and get so much more value for your money. There are free games that they offer as well, if you do not want to spend any money but we do highly recommend support this games developer as what they’re doing is really helping children to develop. 


None of us want to flood out kids with violent action games at too young an age and we certainly don’t want them using the internet and mobile devices for too long each day. They will no doubt want to do both as they get older and sometimes you will not be able to prevent stopping them from seeing these violent shooting games, yet the most important years are when they’re very young and when their brains are developing at the fastest rate. 

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Most popular Online Games

Posted by on Jan 22, 2017


Millions of people, adults and kids play online games and it is one of the most liked hobbies around the globe. Some like to play offline but most love to team up with peers online for a challenging game. Here is a list of some of the most popular online games in recent times.

World of Warcraft

With over 5.5 million users every month World of Warcraft is a fantasy based adventure game with super cool graphics and animations. The game has crossed more than 12 years ever since inception. The game got a boost last year after the release of the movie WoW, gaining a steady user base.

League of Legends

The game has dominated the online gaming arena consecutively for the last three years. 32 million unique users and over 100 million players every month is going to be a hard target for other games to compete. Too bad if you are not in the stream already.


Hearthstone is the second most popular game played online. From the creative minds of Blizzard Entertainment, the game gained popularity in just two years reaching all the way to the top only to be second to the most popular game of all times, League of Legends.

World of Tanks

Holding a Guinness Record for the most simultaneous players on board, World of Tanks ranks high in our list for its realistic gaming experience. A wide range of tanks resembling real life counterparts are a highlight about this game. World of Tanks is a strong contender in the war of online games.


A block building game which can be played on a multitude of platforms including social networking sites like Facebook. Minecraft, an award winning game, is the second best-selling video game of all time. Different versions are available to suit your operating system and style and a reason for its insane popularity

Battlefield 4 

A game known for its first person shooter experience, has some very rich graphics providing a realistic environment. Winner of the Most Valuable Games Awards and best Multiplayer Game in 2013, the game is developed EA Digital Illusion and published by Electronics Arts.

Diablo III

One of the most popular releases from Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo never fails to immerse you in the world of hack and slash action role play. The game holds a unique record for the fastest selling game in the industry with over 3.5 million copies being sold in less than 24 hours.

Counter Strike – Global Offensive

A first person perspective shooting game only second to Battlefield 4 is the fourth installment from Counter Strike. Was released as a modification for the immensely popular Half-life was acquired by Valve Corporation. Was topping the lists with over 12 million copies in sales but not anymore.

When it comes to games, age is just a number. It is one of the hobbies that allow different age groups to compete with one another without losing the thrill of the game. Loved by all ages, online games are a real stress baker and every one should at some point in time get immersed in the virtual world for an unforgettable experience.


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What is the Best MOBA Game?

Posted by on Jan 22, 2017


In the gaming world, new champions arise every season in terms of the best selling or highest-ranked games, most popular genres, best players and coolest heroes, features, game modes and gaming platforms. 2016 has been the year for MOBA games, with the genre surpassing RTS, the genre from which it was created in popularity and number of monthly users actively engaging in MOBA games. The multiplayer gameplay in the MOBA genre usually pits teams of 3v3 players or 5v5 in a supremacy battle with each team fighting to destroy the other’s base and the nexus/ core/ Ancient which is basically a heavily protected ‘treasure’ located deep in the opponents’ base.

The games are set on maps with lanes which usually serve as paths for the teams’ minions to run and spawn and create the setting for the various game modes. But if MOBA games typically offer the same gameplay, how do players especially beginners know what is the best MOBA game in the market and what makes it so.

One of the most helpful tools in answering this question is reviews and all MOBA roads in 2016 seem to be leading to League of Legends as the best MOBA game out there right now and with a new season on the horizon, Riot Games, the game developers have secured a spot at the top of the league. League of Legends was released in 2009 and by 2012 it had become the most played game in two major continents: Europe and North America and four years later have a record twenty seven million daily users globally. The game boasts of three game modes after the phasing out of a fourth, The Crystal Scar, various game types, matchmaking options for PvP gameplay, 133 champions, 18 champion levels, 30 player account levels, rewards, bonuses and the option to reset your rank with each new season whereby players play 10 placement matches during the start of the season after which players can get new rankings based on where Riot’s magic sorting hat places you. The ranks are important as players get rewards at the end of the season based on their ranks such as Victorious Champion skins for players with a gold ranking. Check out MOBA for more info.

League of Legends also has one of the most competitive gaming communities which culminate each season with an annual world championship tournament. This year’s championship tournament had 16 teams from around the world competing to win the prize pool that totaled to $5,070,000 this year, playing in front of a global audience of 36 million people. This was an exciting event and saw a good number of talented players from different areas.

The winning team got $2,028,000. The game has become not only a gaming giant but a force to be reckoned with economically, wining both on the gaming market and the financial market as well. So what is the best MOBA game? In terms of gameplay, features, gaming community, prize pool money, championship tournament, revenue, market share percentage, range of champions, game types, graphics and rewards, League of Legends constantly tops the lists and it is no wonder, gamers have made it an easy favorite.

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