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Mobile Games Which are Safe for Young Children

Posted by on Sep 13, 2017

Let’s face it, technology is advancing at such a rate of knots that there is little we can do to stop our children from wanting to play games. Mobile games especially, are very accessible these days and with almost every home having some kind of mobile device whether a tablet or phone, our children are going to want to use them. 

Of course, the buck stops with us as parents as to how much we allow them to be ‘connected’ and it’s a difficult balancing act of bowing to their demands or and setting guidelines that they must adhere to. Additionally, we do not have to just consider how long they will play but also the types of games that they will want to play at such a young age.  We have to be sure that the games they are playing are suitable. 

Take a look at some titles we would more than recommend as safe gaming options for your young children. 

Angry Birds 

The only way anyone has not heard of Angry Birds before could only be if they’ve been living in a cave for the past five years or so. The Angry Birds franchise is now quite a big one considering the simplicity of the game. Perfectly suitable for young children, Angry Birds is a puzzle-style game that will not only provide your child with a safe, fun and free gaming experience but will also be very good for them in moderation as it’s a puzzle game that will challenge their brains. 

With a couple of Sequels already out and many more expected, Angry Birds has tons that it can offer your young children. 


Minecraft is another title that needs very little introduction as it’s popular with players of all ages. For children it can really help them to be creative as they go about building things and learning how to survive. When we label it s a game, it really is not a game as such as should be considered more a you. Similar in a way to lego, you can build whatever your imagination thinks up. 

In survival mode however, there is a kind of game element to Minecraft, as you’re meant to survive out in the wilderness, building shelter for the night in order to protect yourself from the monster that come out. Additionally, you will have to get enough food so that you do not starve. A great game that is more than suitable for young children. 

Candy Crush 

Puzzle games have always been an excellent choice for young children as not only do they not contain violence and other material that you don’t want your children to see, but they also help them mentally. Candy Crush takes quite a lot of thought sometimes and can be very challenging for developing brains. Despite the challenge, it’s a very entertaining game which is shown by just how popular that it is. Still going strong after so many years, Candy Crush, which has spawned many copy-cat titles from competitors, is without doubt one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. 

Color Switch 

Another very popular game in recent years that would be ideal for young children to play is Color Switch, another title that will have them using their brain and reflex skills. The idea is to bounce a ball through a series of obstacles in order to get to the end of each level. Similar to that of Angry Birds, timing is very important as you try to navigate through the obstacles and while it can be very frustrating, the feeling you get when you finally pass the level, is nothing short of euphoria. 

Lego Games 

There are a bunch of Lego titles that have been hitting the mobile industry over the years that are perfectly safe for younger children. After all, Lego is a toy for children to play with, so it makes complete sense to aim the mobile games at them as well. Most of these games are adventure style games that are not overly difficult but are extremely fun for children.  

Some of the titles are set in different niches of Lego such as Star Wars, so there really is the variety out there to download something that your child is really interested in. Most are free to play but a couple of their titles will require a small purchase unfortunately. 

Intellijoy Games 

For the parents out there that have really young children, Intellijoy is a developer that you should check out. They specialize in developing the brains of children in a fun and efficient manner. Children can play games such as connecting the dots, alphabetical games, puzzles and painting games. There is an extensive library of games that Intellijoy offer, each being of some educational benefit to the children that play them. 

A good tip would be to buy the entire catalogue of games rather than one by one as you will save around 60% doing it this way and get so much more value for your money. There are free games that they offer as well, if you do not want to spend any money but we do highly recommend support this games developer as what they’re doing is really helping children to develop. 


None of us want to flood out kids with violent action games at too young an age and we certainly don’t want them using the internet and mobile devices for too long each day. They will no doubt want to do both as they get older and sometimes you will not be able to prevent stopping them from seeing these violent shooting games, yet the most important years are when they’re very young and when their brains are developing at the fastest rate. 

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