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Online Gaming is Becoming a Career

Posted by on Mar 7, 2017

Imagine for those of you that are avid online gamers when you are good enough at playing a game that you get paid for playing. This is the case with so many games nowadays.

Some people become coaches and some become pro players; while, others become marketers specializing in the field of online gaming.

There are of course more obvious jobs in the field of online gaming such as programming, graphic and motion designing, algorithm coding as well as the actual coding that goes with designing a game.

The latter jobs within the online gaming industry that are based around the design of the game itself are fun for some. However, coding and designing is serious work and usually means a 9 to 5 office job working for a gaming company.

We will look at the more hands on side of online gaming careers here:

Becoming a Pro Player

Now this is no small feat to achieve. Usually for a computer game pro you are an individual or a team of 5 or 6 players. Currently sponsorship has not yet filtered down to the smaller regional competition in online gaming.

This means you need to be one of the top 100 players in the world to even become pro at your fav online game. Even then you are cutting it fine in being the in the top 100 – this figure is more aimed at team games like the growing list of MOBA games that are coming out.

Local Competition to Global Competition

In the past, and I am talking about before the internet, you would generally compete with your friends, school mates, other school and those visiting the local arcade. The competition was more secluded to areas. All the changes with the internet and the World Wide Web.

Global Competition

Now the competition has grown with the world connected to the same games. With this has come sponsorship deals, advertising and competition with huge prize pools. Take for example Overwatch. Check out the prize pool money that was involved in this competition.

Prize Pools for Overwatch

The pro players in this game are earning serious amounts of cash. What’s more is that they are playing these games for a career!

Coaching Other Players

If you are a great player, but don’t seem to be able to make it to the pro leagues such as the example of Overwatch below, then you can always get some extra cash by coaching.

Again, like being a pro, you need to be good and really know your stuff. As Overwatch is a team game, you need to know which items you need to buy and strategy.

These items and tactics will not only help you coach your student how to make their player become powerful to contribute to creating damage and win the but you also need, need to be able spot where they are making mistakes.

Another problem is that you are going to get players that have no clue how to play and will not listen to your advice. This is almost like being a school teacher in many ways – except of course a lot more fun.

Some of the pro players even coach in their spare time, but you are looking in the region of $200 – $500 per hour. There are other sites out there where you will get decent coaching for a fraction of this price.

This means as a coach, you are looking at earning anything between $10 to $50 an hour depending on how good you are as well how highly recommended you come. Find out more about Overwatch Coaching here if you are interested in seeing how this works.

Also, you can look at Dota 2 and League of Legends coaching as these are also games where you will find coaches can be hired to help players raise their level of play.

Marketing in the Online Gaming Industry

There are plenty of game in the online gaming industry where there is money to be played without playing them yourself.

Become a gaming writer

Like our own website, you can write about games. As an avid game player, we love writing about different subjects all about online gaming. Game reviews, game tactics, careers in gaming and more. We do this as a hobby and we enjoy doing it because we get to reach out to the public and make our voices heard.

Becoming a gaming marketer

Marketing games is another fun way to make a career out of a booming online gaming industry. You can get paid for introducing people to games either via affiliate commissions, or through CPA marketing. For example, have a look at this SCR888 casino website in Malaysia. They market online casino sign ups for Malaysians. With their brilliant marketing, they have turned this website into a $10,000 a month return.

Becoming part of the Online Gaming World

If you want to become part of the online industry, there are many choices. You can become a programmer if you like the technical side of online games – in the end the reward of all your hard work is seeing the final result of the game being released.

Even hackers earn a living out of breaking into the strings of code and algorithms used to design games, but we have not really covered this because we don’t agree with it 100%. Maybe we will include something about hacking later on in another post when the time is right.

Another option whereby you get to see the benefits of your work in action is become an animation specialist or design specialist.

However, in our opinion, being a professional player or coach are by far the most exciting way to have a career in online gaming. Nothing can beat being a pro in the game that you love playing.

Finally, if you enjoy marketing and playing games, you can get out there and start to market your favorite games online and be rewarded with a commission for your hard work.

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Most popular Online Games

Posted by on Jan 22, 2017


Millions of people, adults and kids play online games and it is one of the most liked hobbies around the globe. Some like to play offline but most love to team up with peers online for a challenging game. Here is a list of some of the most popular online games in recent times.

World of Warcraft

With over 5.5 million users every month World of Warcraft is a fantasy based adventure game with super cool graphics and animations. The game has crossed more than 12 years ever since inception. The game got a boost last year after the release of the movie WoW, gaining a steady user base.

League of Legends

The game has dominated the online gaming arena consecutively for the last three years. 32 million unique users and over 100 million players every month is going to be a hard target for other games to compete. Too bad if you are not in the stream already.


Hearthstone is the second most popular game played online. From the creative minds of Blizzard Entertainment, the game gained popularity in just two years reaching all the way to the top only to be second to the most popular game of all times, League of Legends.

World of Tanks

Holding a Guinness Record for the most simultaneous players on board, World of Tanks ranks high in our list for its realistic gaming experience. A wide range of tanks resembling real life counterparts are a highlight about this game. World of Tanks is a strong contender in the war of online games.


A block building game which can be played on a multitude of platforms including social networking sites like Facebook. Minecraft, an award winning game, is the second best-selling video game of all time. Different versions are available to suit your operating system and style and a reason for its insane popularity

Battlefield 4 

A game known for its first person shooter experience, has some very rich graphics providing a realistic environment. Winner of the Most Valuable Games Awards and best Multiplayer Game in 2013, the game is developed EA Digital Illusion and published by Electronics Arts.

Diablo III

One of the most popular releases from Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo never fails to immerse you in the world of hack and slash action role play. The game holds a unique record for the fastest selling game in the industry with over 3.5 million copies being sold in less than 24 hours.

Counter Strike – Global Offensive

A first person perspective shooting game only second to Battlefield 4 is the fourth installment from Counter Strike. Was released as a modification for the immensely popular Half-life was acquired by Valve Corporation. Was topping the lists with over 12 million copies in sales but not anymore.

When it comes to games, age is just a number. It is one of the hobbies that allow different age groups to compete with one another without losing the thrill of the game. Loved by all ages, online games are a real stress baker and every one should at some point in time get immersed in the virtual world for an unforgettable experience.


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What is the Best MOBA Game?

Posted by on Jan 22, 2017


In the gaming world, new champions arise every season in terms of the best selling or highest-ranked games, most popular genres, best players and coolest heroes, features, game modes and gaming platforms. 2016 has been the year for MOBA games, with the genre surpassing RTS, the genre from which it was created in popularity and number of monthly users actively engaging in MOBA games. The multiplayer gameplay in the MOBA genre usually pits teams of 3v3 players or 5v5 in a supremacy battle with each team fighting to destroy the other’s base and the nexus/ core/ Ancient which is basically a heavily protected ‘treasure’ located deep in the opponents’ base.

The games are set on maps with lanes which usually serve as paths for the teams’ minions to run and spawn and create the setting for the various game modes. But if MOBA games typically offer the same gameplay, how do players especially beginners know what is the best MOBA game in the market and what makes it so.

One of the most helpful tools in answering this question is reviews and all MOBA roads in 2016 seem to be leading to League of Legends as the best MOBA game out there right now and with a new season on the horizon, Riot Games, the game developers have secured a spot at the top of the league. League of Legends was released in 2009 and by 2012 it had become the most played game in two major continents: Europe and North America and four years later have a record twenty seven million daily users globally. The game boasts of three game modes after the phasing out of a fourth, The Crystal Scar, various game types, matchmaking options for PvP gameplay, 133 champions, 18 champion levels, 30 player account levels, rewards, bonuses and the option to reset your rank with each new season whereby players play 10 placement matches during the start of the season after which players can get new rankings based on where Riot’s magic sorting hat places you. The ranks are important as players get rewards at the end of the season based on their ranks such as Victorious Champion skins for players with a gold ranking. Check out MOBA for more info.

League of Legends also has one of the most competitive gaming communities which culminate each season with an annual world championship tournament. This year’s championship tournament had 16 teams from around the world competing to win the prize pool that totaled to $5,070,000 this year, playing in front of a global audience of 36 million people. This was an exciting event and saw a good number of talented players from different areas.

The winning team got $2,028,000. The game has become not only a gaming giant but a force to be reckoned with economically, wining both on the gaming market and the financial market as well. So what is the best MOBA game? In terms of gameplay, features, gaming community, prize pool money, championship tournament, revenue, market share percentage, range of champions, game types, graphics and rewards, League of Legends constantly tops the lists and it is no wonder, gamers have made it an easy favorite.

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