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Jurassic World Mobile Game

Posted by on Jul 22, 2018

The Jurassic world game is one of the biggest mobile games I have seen on a mobile phone or rather a smartphone. The game is actually not overly intensive on your phone either despite its size. One of the most impressive aspects to this game is that it almost mimics games like SIM City, but in the sense that you are building a whole new theme park based on dinosaurs.

Now I am sure there are a lot of theme park building games out there, but I am not very familiar with them, so maybe you would like to leave some comments if you do happen to know any games people would like to know about that are also similar to SIM City but based on a theme park.

Jurassic World is just that – a game where you are building a world of dinosaurs. What is even more impressive about this game is that you are not stuck in a world on your own. You actually breed dinosaurs and use them to fight against other players in the game that have also built their own Jurassic World complete with dinosaurs of their own.

Once you feel your dinosaurs are ready to fight, you can simply go out there and challenge. The Jurassic World mobile application and game will then connect you to another player on the game, so you can both enter your dinosaurs into an arena and fight it out for bragging rights.

In the arena, players take it in turns to take pot shots at each other. Players will have the option of attack or defense and they have to outsmart each other. For example, if you have already caused a lot of damage, then on your next attack, you probably want to go for force rather than any shield or defense options. However, if you are badly damaged, you will need to go for more defense or go all out and try to cause as much damage as possible in order to win the fight.

To enter a fight, players must use coins. The coins are clubbed together into a prize pool. The winner will walk away with the prize pool money. The gold coins are used to increase the strength of the dinosaurs in the park and extend the park further by breeding new dinosaurs.

For the most part, you can play this game for free as the game gives away daily gold coins for free. However, if you are really serious about the game and want to unlock some of the game features or if you feel confident enough to fight for big money, then you can top up on gold coins by using your mobile phone bill to pay for more.

This is certainly one of the most impressive free mobile games available right now. The size that the parks can grow to and the fact that it does not take up too much space on your phone means you can have hours of fun for free without hindering your phone performance.

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Online Games That Will Have You Playing For Hours

Posted by on Jun 15, 2018

There are so many online games to choose from, but not all of them give you hours upon hours of gameplay. That is where we come in. We have discovered the best online games that will have you playing for hours on end. The best thing about these games is that they are all free to play with the option of spending cash on them only if you choose to do so.

Let’s have a look at our top recommended free games that will have you playing for hours:
1. Governor of Poker
Obviously, if you are not a poker fan, then you are not going to be playing this game. However, if you are a fan of the game or you are looking to build up your poker skills, then this game is well worth looking into. You will be on a mission to make as much money as possible at the poker tables. This mission will take you to various towns where there are low, medium, and high stakes games that you can join.
The idea is to build up your bankroll over time. At the same time, you can purchase other items on the side. Once you are making money playing poker (it is not real money by the way), then you will be able to buy houses, clothes, merchandise and more all for your character.

This game is a progressive one, and therefore you will need to create an account so your progress along the way is saved. This makes a great change from other free poker games where you just get free chips and play at a table to make your free chip stack bigger – not much in the way of fun to be honest. However, Governor of Poker changes all of that with its intelligent introduction of a character that you control and build up his fortune.

2. Dota 2
We have covered this game on our website in the past. This is because right now it is one of the most popular MOBA games on the internet. What’s more is that it is totally free to join and play. You cannot say fairer than that to be honest.
The game has over 120 heroes to choose from and the object of playing continuously is in the end bragging rights. That is to say, the more you win, the higher your MMR becomes, which is basically a way that the game ranks how good you are playing it. Every time you help your team win, you are awarded MMR points.
If you want to spend money on the game, you can buy items and flashy kits for your heroes. For example, you may have a hero that bears a sword, so you can buy a custom-made sword. Of course, this is all computer graphics, but it is still cool.

3. Jurrasic World
No one can fault the game of Jurassic World. As you have most likely already guessed, this is a game of dinosaurs. The objective of the game is to build up your own dinosaurs by feeding them and effectively petting them.
You then put your dinosaurs in a battle arena to fight against other people’s. This is fun because you get to test the strength of your dinosaurs and there is quite a bit of wit needed when you play the game. The wit comes from being able to successfully counter your opponent using attack or defence options.
Each player has a certain number that can be assigned. For instance, you may have five options. You can choose to go three attacks and two defences, or five attacks, or five defences. If you choose the right number of defence versus attack, then you block your opponent’s attacks.
You also have to be witty about the dinosaurs you choose to fight. Although size does not seem to matter overly much in this game, the stats of your dinosaur do matter. Some just cannot kills others, so you may need a quick dino swap to bring in a dinosaur that can handle the one your opponent is pitching against you.
When you win, you win gold coins or bucks, which can be spent on improving your overall stick of dinosaurs. You can also opt to spend money on topping up your dinosaurs if you so wish. This is something some people will be doing, so if you are looking to play for free, you simply just need to make sure you are better than the rest.

4. Soccer Stars
This seems to be a game that people either love or hate. It is a cross between ice hockey and football. Or maybe simply and football and hockey – in US terms or Aussie terms I am talking about soccer. Being a Brit, we call the game football as does the football playing world. However, we can all argue that Soccer Stars is something we cannot really put our finger on.
There is a soccer ball or football, and the pitch on the game is marked out like a football/soccer pitch. It also has lot’s of football style cheering as sound effects plus of course a goal at either end. However, that is where the buck stops so far as this game resembling a soccer/football game.
Each player has round pieces and those pieces are pinged at all the ball to get the ball around the pitch and into the opponent’s goal. What makes this totally different from soccer is that the ball never goes off – although this then resembles five-a-side football where the ball never goes off either.
Players need to skilfully work out angles to get goals, and this is what has made the game so addictive for many people. In this respect, we can now start to relate this to a game of snooker or pool with one ball to pot in a goal.
Honestly, it is a little hard to explain further than this. You will need to check it out for yourself to understand the game fully. Visit the Google Play Store or do a Google or Facebook search for Soccer Stars and give it a go. It is free, and you can play this game for hours.

I hope you enjoyed the read!
Well, I hope this read was educational for you and that you found it useful. It is one of those articles that didn’t take me long to put together because either I am a fan of the game, one of my family members plays the game, or one of my friends plays the game. Form the top of my head, I wrote what I know about these games and I hope you found it enjoyable to read.

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5 things to know about Far Cry 5

Posted by on Jun 14, 2018

 Far Cry 5 released on March 27, 2018 as a first-person shooter (FPS) with action and adventure. It was developed by Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Montreal. It is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The setting is Hope County, Montana a fictional place where a cult called The Project at Eden’s Gate and it’s charismatic preacher Joseph Seed rule over the area. A Junior Deputy, works alongside the Resistance after he becomes trapped in their task force to free the county from Joseph and his tyrannical cult.


 The game is set up so that the player can explore an open world environment by walking or using vehicles. This time the character’s appearance is customizable by the player as opposed to the older games where the player had to be a set character. Great emphasis has been put on close-quarters combat this time around with the addition of a wide range of melee weapons along with a gamut of ranged and explosive ones as well. In addition to a new ballistics system where bullets drop over a distance to mimic reality.

In previous titles, outposts represented small parts of the map where the player was supposed to neutralize or kill the enemy to free it up. There were a multiple number of ways that the player could accomplish this and so the open world setting in this game was designed as a model of that as described by the creative director Dan Hay. He also stated that he wanted to create an experience where two players that start at the same place, go in opposite directions and have separate experiences so they could have stories to tell one another. To accomplish this the beginning has little specific gameplay or instruction to guide the player, instead just leaving him on his own to figure out. The game world is open to the player after finishing the starting few missions. Civilians react according to the player’s actions by going back to an area after the cult has been removed. They may also give their support and make others help you. Having the locals support you is known as the recruitment system similar to Guns for Hire or the Buddy system in previous titles.

There are also NPCs called Specialists that have special skills but meeting them depends solely on your actions during the game.


 The lead director, Dan Hay, was also the lead producer of Far Cry 3 and the lead writer Drew Holmes, also worked on BioShock Infinite. The game still uses Dunia Engine which is just the Cry Engine but modified. The state Montana was chosen for the setting due it being on the frontier. The team collected a lot of information on the environment, ecosystems and the personalities of the locals who were wary of authorities and outsiders, while on a fourteen-day trip. The number of antagonists was increased due to not being satisfied with just one.


 Separatism is the tone of the game, according to Hay due to the Cold War conflict he often felt unsafe when he was young. The attacks of September 11 and financial recession from subprime mortgages caused the concept of a global village to collapse. This is the theme of the game and is why the antagonist is the leader of a doomsday cult. Late 2014 is when the story was first being written and in 2016 an occupation and stand-off in Oregon prompted more research for separatism. To give depth to the story the characters were given different views on events and ideologies. The game was designed to have a dark theme but also to be fun and entertaining.


Dan Romer was the composer and writer of the music in the game. The design team wanted the player to feel the nature of the cult and its messages through the music and tie it to the narrative. End-of-the-world teachings of the cult were put in as lyrics to hymn-like gospel music. The music also shifts as the player explores the regions of different cult members. Licensed music tracks are played when the player drives in vehicles. Some of the songs produced by Romer were used and reinterpreted by Hammock, an ambient/post-rock band. The soundtrack had three parts which were also released with the game.


The reviews from critics were favourable with all systems getting scores of 75 and above on Metacritic. IGN gave it a rating of 8.9/10, while other gaming publications like Destructoid, EGM, and Game Informer all gave it 7.5/10. Game Revolution gave it 3 and a half stars, while Games Radar gave it 4 stars. Finally, Giant Bomb gave it 3 stars and Polygon gave it 6.5/10.

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