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Best Online Sports Games

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016

With the Rio 2016 Olympics just around the corner, many of you might be getting a little in the mood to start playing a few sporting related games online. However, with so many of them to try out and choose from it can be a little difficult to know just which ones to go for!

This short list might help to make that decision a little easier for you!

Fifa 2016

There has always been a long running battle between the FIFA series and Pro Evolution Soccer with opinions divided on which is the best. In honesty both are great but for 2016 we think that FIFA just about edges out its rival.

NBA Live 16

There is nothing quite like trying to outsmart an opponent from another part of the world at a game of basketball. Although there are a few games out there that you can play, none of them come anywhere close to that of NBA Live 16. It has finally been able to challenge the long running NBA 2k series and is most people’s choice as the best.

Tony Hawkes Pro Skater

This is another long running series that has always proven to be popular. It is now in its 13th consecutive year of release and it still has a big and growing fan base that always purchase the latest title each year. If you love trying to do fancy tricks and beating an opponent – then this is the game for you.

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League of Legends Boosting

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016

League of Legends has become the most popular online games right now. Since its release, the game has gone from strength to strength with several seasons now released. With the emergence of sites that deliver elo boosts (we changed this to a new link due to good reviews) it is plainly obvious that this game is arguably the most popular game online right now challenging with games such as Dota

League of Legends has become such a popular strategy game that any new comers are finding it hard to beat the functionalities one the most playable games found on the new today. It really is something that you have to see for yourself in order to understand the amount of thought that has gone into this game.

Elo Boosts

To give yourself the edge in this game and to give yourself a fair chance because so many others are doing it – you should consider the LOL boosting options offered by some sites as this really spices up your game play as well as gets you involved in the game very quickly.

You can learn new skills far quicker and not have to keep on restarting because your character is not backed up with the powers that others have achieved. You can also check out other sites such as this one selling elo boosting options, or you can boost yourself through long term game play.

Multi-Level Gaming

Several levels are involved and an entire set of characters all with their own personality and features helping people make the right strategic decisions when they are up against the enemy by using their characters strengths.

You will have a nexus of your own to defend; while, in the meantime you can get out there and attack other’s nexus. The idea of course is to make sure that your nexus is always safe.

The more you play and the more enemy nexus you take, the more powerful you will become. This is where strategy comes in because you want to start under the radar when the game begins or you may attack the wrong person and annoying the wrong person could mean there is hell to pay versus an enemy that is far more superior to your own.

There are ways to get your campaign kicked off using lol elo boosts that are really handy when it comes to getting your points level increased so you can at least go for some of the mediocre enemy nexus.

Some of the battlefields you can play out your skills on include The Howling Abyss, The Twisted Treeline, The Summoner’s Rift and the very popular Crystal Scar. Each comes with their own landscape and theme for battle as well as capture points.

Crystal Scar Landscape

Crystal Scar has become very popular on League of Legends simply because this animated battlefield comes with some fast a furious action where gold and points can be collected at a quick pace. One of the main traits of the Crystal Scar is the ability to make huge Kill scores.

Howling Abyss

This online gaming landscape offers extremely aggressive game play whereby the battle takes place on a single lane – so it’s very much a head on challenge and there is a lot of team work required in order to get the best out of this level. There is no healing on this level so it takes some skill to get through to the end and become the victor. In addition, shopping is only allowed once your champion has been killed – you can then shop to improve and go at the Howling Abyss again.

The Twisted Treeline

There are 2 lanes on this level and there are high gold counts for each player at the beginning of this level. There is a lot of team fighting here across a jungle and furthermore 2 lanes encouraging what is known in the LOL game as ganking.

The Summoner’s Rift on Field of Justice

By far the most popular battlefield – most players can be found battling out here. There are in fact 3 lanes on Summoner’s Rift with plenty of jungle. There are a ton of major neutral objectives as well as powerful buffs. With the level being so big, LOL fans can expect extensive team fights that can be huge here and last for quite a long time.

Out of these 4, it is most certainly the The Summoner’s Rift that has captivated the majority of the LOL audiences. It has such a big reputation on the game that if you are a beginner, then this is the place to go to get some large scale battlefield fighting experience and collect a few points along the way in preparation for the challenge ahead.

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Best Free Games in 2016

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016

Gamers now have access to various options, from the addictive Clash of Clans to to putting together a krul build in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or role playing releases like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. And, while some of these are premium or have in-app purchases to have to make, a whole lot more are freemium. Here are the best free games in 2016.

1. Dota 2

This is a popular multiple online battle arena (MOBA) for PC. It displays both action and strategy. Players pick a game hero who fights other teams bringing down their bases in the process.

2. Marvel Heroes 2015

Players take control of various characters such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America and Deadpool among others, all from the Marvel Universe and engage in an open world environment bout. You can also take part in the many tasks and missions available.

3. Traffic rider

This first person motorbike game rewards players for every narrow escape they make. It is a freemium developed for Android devices. Traffic Rider’s strong points are its handling, which is almost real as well as the super graphics that give very clear pictures even when a player attains very high speeds.

4. Combat Arms

Amazingly this multi-level shoot em up is a free game available with cheats and hacks to boot. Players can choose from over 600+ customizable guns and play in teams where you can strategically take in up to 6 weapons per player and assign each other a task. Some will be assigned to deterring air attacks; while other assigned to ground troops and/or artillery. Each of you gets a rating for accuracy over time and the higher the score you gain, the more invites you’ll get to play with players equally as good as you.

Combat Arms is set around the globe, so you’ll be travelling to different battle fields across the world each with tis own terrain. Make the smoke disappear, get an aimbot or recolor the sky to make air attacks easier to deal with. This is a sure fire way to use a cheat that is undetectable so you build up your ratings!

With many more games being released each waking day, there are a lot more to sample than just these three.

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