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Best Free Games in 2016

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016

Gamers now have access to various options, from the addictive Clash of Clans to to putting together a krul build in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or role playing releases like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. And, while some of these are premium or have in-app purchases to have to make, a whole lot more are freemium. Here are the best free games in 2016.

1. Dota 2

This is a popular multiple online battle arena (MOBA) for PC. It displays both action and strategy. Players pick a game hero who fights other teams bringing down their bases in the process.

2. Marvel Heroes 2015

Players take control of various characters such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America and Deadpool among others, all from the Marvel Universe and engage in an open world environment bout. You can also take part in the many tasks and missions available.

3. Traffic rider

This first person motorbike game rewards players for every narrow escape they make. It is a freemium developed for Android devices. Traffic Rider’s strong points are its handling, which is almost real as well as the super graphics that give very clear pictures even when a player attains very high speeds.

4. Combat Arms

Amazingly this multi-level shoot em up is a free game available with cheats and hacks to boot. Players can choose from over 600+ customizable guns and play in teams where you can strategically take in up to 6 weapons per player and assign each other a task. Some will be assigned to deterring air attacks; while other assigned to ground troops and/or artillery. Each of you gets a rating for accuracy over time and the higher the score you gain, the more invites you’ll get to play with players equally as good as you.

Combat Arms is set around the globe, so you’ll be travelling to different battle fields across the world each with tis own terrain. Make the smoke disappear, get an aimbot or recolor the sky to make air attacks easier to deal with. This is a sure fire way to use a cheat that is undetectable so you build up your ratings!

With many more games being released each waking day, there are a lot more to sample than just these three.

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Online Gaming Cheats

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016

Today there are so many online games out there to chose from and in today’s gaming world, online gaming does not always mean playing on your PC. Online games are also available on Play Stations, Xboxes and Nintendo consoles and with this online ability, these machines can also access an array of gaming cheats; while, as always online PC and internet games have always been able to access cheats. For instance there are tips for Clash of Clans or Clash Royale tips that players are always looking for.

For shoot em up games, probably  the most popular cheats and hacks are the targeting functionalities such as the aimbot. Other cheats allow players to give themselves power ups on armor, speed as well as cash power ups. The once awesome game of Sim City (Still going today) is a prime example of game that can be made that much more interesting when you have money in the bank to make sure yourc city runs and develops well.

Other games such as Clash of Clans or Moviestar Planet are also very popular games that come with hacks and cheats. All you need to do is have a look around. You can try the moviestarplanet hack tool or go for a Clash of clans hack 2016 special!

And last but not least, let’s not forget one of the latest games out on the market that we would like to mention before a cheat does finally come out for this sensation. With the popularity of the one eyed yellow character comes a whole variety of minion games online that have become incredibly popular over the last year or so.

Right now we are already hearing even our yellow cuddly friend will not be immune to the world of cheats and hacks. For those of you that love your cheats, this is great news. In the meantime, those of you not too keen on the idea of hacks and cheats don;t worry because so far this isn’t a team game and so you will not be affected.

For now online gaming cheats are here to stay. The developers do not seem to mind that people can hack certain areas of the game for a marked advantage to win, and so there is no stopping the hackers and cheat lovers out there!


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Best Tablets for Gaming

Posted by on Feb 21, 2016

The best tablets for gaming are built with lots of graphics and a higher performance. If you are looking for an android tablet that can offer impressive gaming performance then here is a list for you provided by naga128; experts in online gaming and affiliate marketing.

Apple iPad Mini 4

This iPad has a beautiful screen with aluxe aluminum design. If you love downloading a lot of games then this one will enable you to do so and also play them very well thanks to it’s speedy performance.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

This tablet has four front-facing speakers with a built-in pico projector. Though it may not feel much comfortable in your hands, it’s very fast and perfect for gaming. This game will be able to run most games very smoothly, so you will enjoy using your moviestarplanet hack and getting one up on your opponents.

Asus ZenPad S 8.0

The Asus Zenpad S 8.0 is another excellent tablet that will be great for playing your games.This is one of the most affordable gaming tablets with a slim lightweight design and a super sharp screen.

Dell Venue 8 7000

It has a sleek aluminium design and a featherweight, perfect for holding in your hands. Some of its best features are a front facing speakers and a stereoscopic camera on its back.

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