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Are PC Games Better Than Console Games?

Posted by on Oct 6, 2017

What a question! There are thousands of articles out there debating this point and rightly so. Now, if you are a console player, then you may or may not agree with what I sat in this blog. That is simply because I am bias as hell due to be purely a PC player.

Saying that, please don’t let the fact I am PC boas put you avid followers of console off reading this article. I’ll tell you why – because console players should have fun ripping my viewpoints apart.
I have 3 categories of gamer friends:
Those that own an Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation
Those that own a PC
Those that have both

I should add a few further sub categories. I have a few friends that have all the above. One of those friends has all the consoles and a gaming PC because he works in the financial industry. Naturally his flash ass has bundles of cash and simply buys everythi8ng he can get his hands on because he can – “Oh the envy!’ lol…

There are friends of mine that are still living with mom and dad. They have brothers and sisters that all own one or other. The sister likes the Nintendo, the brothers like Xbox and PlayStation, so they agreed to buy a different console and swap consoles when they feel like it.

Then they have the family PCs and work laptops – to which one of the brothers is self-employed, and so for tax reasons he invested in a super fang dangle Alienware laptop.

What is Alienware?

For those that don’t know what an Alienware gaming laptop is, then check out this link for more info. You will surely be impressed.

Me personally, I have an Alienware PC, which is truly out of this world – but let’s not boast.
And Now Let the Debate Begin!

As I have so many friends with all the consoles and games you can imagine, I’ve regularly tested them all out. I do like to smoke a little herb, so sadly rather than barring it up on the weekends as any mid-twenties male should be, I tend to enjoy the relaxation of a smoke and game play with friends or on my own.

Let me tell you that there is not a console I have not played on. The end result, I still love my PC and believe PCs are better than consoles. I’ll tell you exactly why in the next section.

Now my friends don’t have a blog, so they can’t really argue back at me, unless of course my blatant reluctance to endorse consoles sparks some anger or competitive spirit that just maybe they do decide to start their own blog. Let’s see – and I’ll be sure to let you know if they do.
PC Gaming is Far Superior to Console Gaming (Don’t shoot me!)

Consoles are simply a gimmick to pilfer cash from people on a regular basis for several reasons. These reasons pertain to the reasons for me avoiding them.
They upgrade the console every 1 or 2 years so you must buy the new one

These constant upgrades may be due to new technology, smaller more effective computer chips, but it is also taking advantage of consumerism much more than PCs do.

When a console is upgraded you need to buy the same game again to be compatible.

I mean how ludicrous is that. You have to buy the same game twice. That really takes the biscuit. Not only did you just fork out a small fortune on a new game, you have basically committed yourself to buying more expensive games that you already have on your old console.

Arguably a lot of the games are still compatible with the older system on occasion as long as the way the game is inserted can fit the style of the new console.

You cannot upgrade a console like you can a PC

What I love about PCs is that no matter how old they get (within reason), you can upgrade certain parts of it. Now, you may say, isn’t this the same consumerism that I was talking about when covering the topic above on upgrading a console.

I would have to agree and disagree with that point. Of course the PC market is not short of its own tricks when it comes upgrades. Despite that little set back to my argument, I am not having to replace my entire PC system.

If initially I purchased a PC with decent motherboard, then I will probably not need to replace it for years. There again there are components that do need replacing here and there are:
The hard drive
Memory upgrades
Graphics card upgrades
These are components together can cost as much as new a console if you replace them all at the same time. However, you rarely need to, and so the cost in the long run of upgrading PC performance is far cheaper than having to go out buy a whole new console.

PC Games are Cheaper

Before console games were an annoyance because you could not download them like you could on a PC. Now you can, so that wipes that part of my argument. On the other hand, PC games don’t need upgrading just because I purchased some new hardware for better gaming performance.
In fact, many PC games need you just to install and add on or upgraded version of some games every so often which is cool.,/p>
PCs Can Simulate Game Consoles

Ok so this is not strictly ethical, but you can get PlayStation or Xbox games to run on a PC. All you need is a simulator and then you can download that game. The control functions may be a little harder on your PC games controller or keyboard but PCs even solve this problem.

Just by knowing where to look, you can buy a PlayStation or Xbox controller and use a convertor so you can attach these to your PC. The legality of it I have never been quite sure of, but it can be done.

The Low and Short of It

PCs are the much better investment. I can play all the console games I want from Xbox and PlayStation using emulators. Admittedly, there are times that the console games stop working because there is some block, but eventually there is always a work around.

Then, I have all my PC games to play on top of this! My PC lasts longer in terms of technology, it is cheaper for games, and with the graphics card I have, it kicks the ass of any console.

Like or not, I have spoken my mind. I hope you enjoyed the read, and I really hope I have stirred the honey pot between the argument between PC gaming and console gaming.

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