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Unreal Tournament Online Game

Posted by on Nov 7, 2017

Unreal tournament is a classic multiplayer first person online line shooter. When I say classic, I mean the quintessential FPS.
It’s the ninth installment in the Unreal series and is set in futuristic Sci Fi battle running man environment.
The level consists of various weapon pickups, power ups and game modes. The games engine has been used and replicated in a host of other games and there is reason for that…. It’s fun, addictive and will keep you glued to the screen as you try seeking revenge on that asshole on the other side of the world who just flanked you and stole your weapon.
Unreal tournament is hectic. Once you spawn into the level. It’s game on. Keep moving and shooting because if you don’t you’re a sitting a duck. The game runs smooth and has a wide array of weapons to keep you coming back for more punishment.
Now you play unreal tournament online for free, so you battle your friends and foes from all part of the globe in team death match or play everyman for himself in the classic death match.

The games graphics are simplistic and smooth. The textures and lighting are visibly appealing and maintain the simplistic style of unreal that you’ve come to know and love. It’s a bi blocky in comparison to modern standards. But that’s Unreal tournament and they must be doing something right because the fan base hasn’t stopped playing since its inception.

The sound, playability and levels are the real draw card. The games sound is great and really draw you into the futuristic environment and the in-game commentator lets you know when you are on a killstreak.
The fast-paced nature of the game will have your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. The weapons are varied and functional each has their own special effects in the form of the secondary function like the minigun that drop mines in secondary. A handy tool for bating your energy in and blowing them up. The classic rocket in launcher is there for decimating you enemies and spraying their blood over the walls.
Don’t forget to collect the power ups such as armor and mods like the grapple hook to get you out of those sticky situations. The levels are well designed, and users can upload their own level onto the online platform. The game also records all gaming data and has a ranking system based on kills and deaths. The better the ratio

Game Modes
There’s classic death match where every mans for himself. Or why not team up with buddies and take on some foes from across the world in team death match. Another fun little option is capture where the idea is to take over and defend command post until you gain control over the whole level and defeat your enemy.
Another game mode is last man standing and it’s basically just that. Be the last one alive and you win the game.
This classic game is back and its online will have you hooked in no time. I racked up 35hrs in my first week and I have a day job.

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