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Why Should You Use a VPN For Online Gaming?

Posted by on Sep 27, 2018

Why Should You Use a VPN For Online Gaming?

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This is a catchy title because there are quite a few gamers out there that are using VPNs to play online games. Usually, the VPN is installed on their router, but also some consoles will allow you to install a VPN, and obviously those playing from their smartphone, tablets, laptops, and PCs can easily get hold of decent VPN software because nearly all developers make sure their software is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

However, the big question here is why should you use a VPN? Most people’s perception of the software is that it slows down the online gaming experience.

In some cases a VPN it is true that a VPN will slow down the connection. This is mainly because people are not using a high spec subscription. Most lower subscriptions, as well as free ones, limit the bandwidth that you can use in a single connection. This is especially problematic when you have the VPN installed on the router on which the rest of the household is using the same connection – check out more to find what is VPN for more information.

On the other hand, if you opt-in for a powerful VPN is can negate speed issues as well as thrashing issues caused by the demand some online games have on your device. This leads to the very first reason an increasing number of gamers are opting to play online using a VPN.

Now I hear some of you already. What is this guy talking about? That said, those that feel this way, well I hate to say it, but the truth is that the VPNs you have used just don’t cut it. You need to research more and find the gaming VPNs that truly work. Being a cheapskate is not going to help one bit because cheap VPNs will do the opposite to speeding up your gaming experience.

A good VPN with a decent bandwidth of around 10 Mbs is perfect for any game. With the combination of the VPN server taking the resource demands off your device, plus the uninterrupted connection via an encrypted tunnel can, in fact, speed up your gaming experience. Add a decent graphics card to your device and you will be well away.

Another point that is worth making here is that if you install the VPN directly on your device and not the router, then when someone else using your router suddenly starts up an app or launches a movie, there will be no lag as the router’s resources kick up a gear to launch their session. Your VPN tunnel will remain totally unaffected.

This is especially great if you are an internet shop gamer. A lot of the time the connections are so bad that you suffer a lot of lag. If you are ok with paying for a VPN, then you will be able to negate this effect. However, I do understand that the reason some gamers play in internet shops is that it is a cheap option and VPNs are out of budget for some.

That said, if you can club together with the friends and get a VPN that allows multiple users on the same username and log in, then do it. You can even email any VPN software sales team and ask them for a discount – usually, the sales teams can be quite accommodating. For about the VPN meaning you should have a look at this site.

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